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Packed with an impressive list of security features and specs, let me start discussing what you’ll find in this safe, working from the outside in, beginning with the body construction. It’s constructed of 12 gauge steel, which contributes to the total overall wall thickness of 1 5/8”, when combined with the fire resistant material. The door itself measures in at a thickness of 4 3/8”. And contained within that 4 3/8” you’ll find a 3-way locking system consisting of 12, 1 ½” diameter, solid steel locking bolts, a drill resistant hard plate and a punch activated relocking system. This trifecta of security offers a provides confidence when it comes to defending your valuables from burglary attack and keeping your fire arms out of the hands of young and inexperienced family members; preventing the possibility of any dangerous accidents.

Liston was the World Heavyweight Champion at the time of the first Liston–Clay fight in Miami Beach on February 25, 1964, having demolished former champion Floyd Patterson by a first-round knockout in September 1962. Ten months later, Liston and Patterson met again with the same result—Patterson was knocked out in the first round.

Punch Inc. - Rush HourPunch Inc. - Rush HourPunch Inc. - Rush HourPunch Inc. - Rush Hour