Orion (23) - crazy little thing called love / matchbox

Yankovic and Levey wrote the film after Yankovic's second studio album , looking to apply the musician's parody and comedy to film, and chose the approach of George being a straight man with a vivid imagination to support the inclusion of parodies within the film. They struggled with finding a film production company for financing the film, but were eventually able to get Orion Pictures' support after stating they could keep the film costs under $5 million. Principal filming took place around Tulsa, Oklahoma , with many of the extras for the film from the Tulsa and Dallas, Texas areas.

There goes my baby, she knows how to rock'n'roll
She drives me crazy, she gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

Orion (23) - Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Matchbox